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Achelous + Melpomene

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“Amongst the nine muses, creatures of inspiration, is Melpomene, “the one that is melodious.” The ‪muse‬ of tragedy, the song of time, she is the expression of the changing emotional tides in cycles, nature and the human psyche. Achelous, an oceanic underworld God, whose horn, at one time was transformed into the cornucopia, a manifestation of abundance, merged with Melpomene. The union of this God, whose changing form can become both bull and multicolored serpent, with the beautiful ‪muse‬, who embodies the melodious voice of tragedy, birthed the sirens. These oceanic underworld beings, taking the form of bird women or mermaids, sing a song, so sweet and so sad, it has the power to draw the listener to their doom. Bound to water, the eternal source of all life, ancient and endless, the creatures’ song is sung, in time and timelessness combined. The sirens sing the song of the soul, of the tragedy of changing forms and the inextinguishable source of all life, that has always been and always will be. The sirens call out to the soul, singing the sweet, sad song, that reminds us that in time, all things change, yet nothing ever truly dies and we are one with life eternal.”
– Achelous & Melpomene Album Notes


Music by Night Tongue
Produced by Night Tongue
Mixed and Mastered by Carisa Bianca Mellado

Praise for Achelous + Melpomene

“Night Tongue take darkwave and ratchet it up with even more post-punk and goth sounds to make Achelous & Melpomene spooky, sexy and beautiful all at once” – Your EDM

“an EP with love and chilling resonance” – 9/10 – Infrared Magazine

“a gorgeous and mysterious EP” – Songs for the Moment

“It’s as beautiful as it is chilling. Powerful stuff.” – ****1/2 – Now Hear This Music

“With a moody darkness in tone and members Carisa Bianca Mellado and Andrew Dalziell splitting vocal duties for two separate versions of mythic gloom, Achelous + Melpomene delivers on its themes and resonates with the listener.” – Substream Magazine

“Releases like Achelous & Melpomene which have universal appeal across punk, goth, industrial, rock and even ambient electronica make duos like Night Tongue critical to darkwave’s survival. Not to mention it’s just gorgeous music.” – Ellenwood EP

“This album is slow, shimmering, dark, inspiring, and everything you could think would come from this dark union of Achelous and Melpomene.” – Audible Addixion

“Night Tongue paints pictures from sound combinations and takes it to the next level with Carisa’s exquisite vocals and Andrew’s masterful guitar. ” – West Coast Rocker



The borders break apart from the corners, light
The water carries me through the stormy night
The covers tug across my skin, warmth in the darkness that falls upon me
The night descends on our love, like the water births the bird’s eternal song

Underworld nautical heart

Leave me alive
Tear me awake
Caught on fire
I’m your prey

The haunted song that calls, harbinger of time
The ancient shore that cries for her daughter, home
Colors crawl across your back, serpentine, your blood, water
The chorus sounds the words, I am submerged, within the burden of the breath

Underworld nautical heart

Leave me alive
Tear me awake
Caught on fire I’m your prey

Lyrics Carisa Bianca Mellado


Hear our prayer
My own beginning
A fragment of hope
A breath of tomorrow

Born in the dark
Sung into time
When you were mine
The world was on fire

Soft and unearthly
Strung from the core
In the here and the unhere
An opening door

Torn from the sun
Sung into time
When you are mine
All is desire

Here is an offering
Here is a gate
Here is an ending
Here is our fate
Come sing with me
Come play with me

Lyrics Andrew Dalziell

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