1. Convergence

From the recording Polaris

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Composed by Night Tongue (Dalziell/Mellado)
Cello by Andrew Dalziell
Synth/Drums/Vocals by Carisa Bianca Mellado
Vocal Harmonies by Carisa Bianca Mellado & Elle Haert
Produced by Night Tongue
Mixed & Mastered by Carisa Bianca Mellado


Bells are beginning
The Night sky is dimming
The fire is singing
And the sound calls us down to it bound

The silence is growing
The heart of all knowing
The night stars are glowing
We are bound to her circling gown

The dark holds us warming
In the mystery stories
Light the fire of glory
As we bow to the beat of her heart

The Night sky is calling
A new light to morning
In twilight we’re forming
And rise up reborn in her light