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Night Tongue

Night Tongue are a transgressive darkwave band from Australia, now based out of Los Angeles. They are an eclectic genre-bending band that incorporates multiple styles including post-punk, southern gothic, shoegaze, doom metal, goth rock, indie, film, jazz, soul, folk, world and classical music to build mythic worlds. The band is led by songwriting/composition duo Carisa Bianca Mellado (vocals, bass, synth) and Andrew Dalziell (vocals, guitar, cello, drums) and features Elle Haert’s vocals and her synth/keyboard live. Night Tongue create a dark mythic world of romance, sex, death, horror and ecstasy. Spun from tales of love, tragedy and transgression, they build romantic soundscapes of beautiful violence. 

Night Tongue use mythic themes to explore the depths of human nature, sexuality, spirituality, vulnerability, desire, trauma and the cycles of life and death using myth as allegory to express the human experience. They incorporate taboo or transgressive themes, such as sexuality, desire, death, trauma, vulnerability, nakedness, spirituality, the occult and the nature of nature itself. The composition duo seek to not only push boundaries as they search for new ways to explore music and composition, but they also push the boundaries within as they search out new ways to understand and integrate life. The result can lead to somewhere tender, sweet and soft or somewhere terrifying, ferocious and raw. Both extremes come from a willingness to go somewhere uncomfortable and vulnerable. Their music videos and visual art reflect this willingness to be exposed through an experimental style that conjures a sense of viewing something private that isn’t supposed to be seen. 

Over the years, post-punk veterans Mellado and Dalziell, have worked and/or performed with David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets), White Magic, Steve Albini, Brian Chase (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Eric Erlandson (Hole),  Gitane Demone and Rikk Agnew (Christian Death, The Adolescents) and Nick Hudson of The Academy of Sun. Both are guest members of experimental doom band Asva with Stuart Dahlquist (Sun O))), Burning Witch, Goatsnake), Toby Driver and Ron Varod (Kayo Dot), Nick Hudson (The Academy of Sun) and Adam Dahlquist. 

In 2017, Night Tongue performed in the UK with gnostic post-punk act The Academy of Sun and returned with their 10” EP, Achelous + Melpomene, in February 2018. The mythological-heavy EP tells the story of the birth of the Sirens in Southern Italy, mothered by the Muse of Tragedy, Melpomene and fathered by the ancient underworld God of the oceans Achelous.

Throughout 2017 and 2018, the duo composed scores for a number of short films and plays, performed sound baths, and completed tours of Australia and Europe. Still, Mellado and Dalziell found time to write and record their first full-length, The Stag King.

Night Tongue Interviews

In today’s Jammerzine Exclusive we talk to, who I feel, will rapidly become legends in the #indie music scene.” I am speaking of Night Tongue” - Jammerzine


Night Tongue are conceptual geniuses who create brooding, almost unnerving music” - Beat Magazine


Night Tongue Reviews

Vespertine soundscapes of doomed romanticism and bruised torment haunt The Stag King. Beauty and violence vie for dominance and end up melded together in bittersweet poignancy”

The Big Takeover

The chilling video (The Flood) mirrors the song in its haunting and crepuscular atmosphere”

Rebel Noise

the band continues to explore the greater metaphors between the mythology and personal life on The Stag King”

Echoes and Dust

Night Tongue‘s ‘Drift‘ miraculously kicks off. Almost 9 minutes of melancholic, darkwave soundscapes, like an invisible hug, that would give you the maximum comfort. Take a deep breath, this Aussie post-punk veteran duo will pin you down with this sublime slow-burner”

Last Day Deaf

a lush but equally eerie soundscape that sounds as much as nature crying or supernatural ghosts”

American Pancake

Filmed on a wintry night on the beaches and highways of the Pacific Palisades, the (Flood) video features gauzy cameos of members Carisa Bianca Mellado and Andrew Dalziell in ominous, Twin Peaks-nodding terror”

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