Night Tongue Interviews

In today’s Jammerzine Exclusive we talk to, who I feel, will rapidly become legends in the #indie music scene.” I am speaking of Night Tongue” - Jammerzine


Night Tongue are conceptual geniuses who create brooding, almost unnerving music” - Beat Magazine


Night Tongue Reviews

Vespertine soundscapes of doomed romanticism and bruised torment haunt The Stag King. Beauty and violence vie for dominance and end up melded together in bittersweet poignancy”

The Big Takeover

The chilling video (The Flood) mirrors the song in its haunting and crepuscular atmosphere”

Rebel Noise

the band continues to explore the greater metaphors between the mythology and personal life on The Stag King”

Echoes and Dust

Night Tongue‘s ‘Drift‘ miraculously kicks off. Almost 9 minutes of melancholic, darkwave soundscapes, like an invisible hug, that would give you the maximum comfort. Take a deep breath, this Aussie post-punk veteran duo will pin you down with this sublime slow-burner”

Last Day Deaf

a lush but equally eerie soundscape that sounds as much as nature crying or supernatural ghosts”

American Pancake

Filmed on a wintry night on the beaches and highways of the Pacific Palisades, the (Flood) video features gauzy cameos of members Carisa Bianca Mellado and Andrew Dalziell in ominous, Twin Peaks-nodding terror”

Culture Addicts

The accolades they have received for their unique blend of droning guitars, beautiful ambiance, and duel vocals has been nothing short of exquisite”

Brutal Resonance

Night Tongue take darkwave and ratchet it up with even more post-punk and goth sounds to make Achelous & Melpomene spooky, sexy and beautiful all at once”

Your EDM

an EP with love and chilling resonance”

Infrared Magazine

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