Polaris: A Solstice Ritual

 — (PST, UTC-08) — (PST, UTC-08)

Jaxx Theatricals, 1089 N Oxford Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Night Tongue presents a multi-sensory opera of music and scent, designed to take you through a solstice ritual for inner connection and personal transformation. The winter solstice is a time when the night is at its strongest. This invites us to the peak of our introspection and inner power. "The energy of winter is that of going within. It's the fruitful darkness and silence out of which our soul's yearnings and new inspirations can eventually emerge. As we consciously link our awareness to nature's cycles, our understanding of our own personal growth cycles begin to deepen." - Chloë Rain.

Set the night before the solstice which occurs at exactly 1:48PM the next day, the opera takes the audience on a journey from the innermost places within, into the light. We meet ourselves then greet the sun that will begin to grow stronger again after the solstice event.

Night Tongue is joined on stage by a 9 piece string section, a choir, a performance by Ciriza and flamenco performanece by Irit Specktor of Irit Specktor Flamenco. Learn about Irit Specktor Flamenco here: https://www.iritflamenco.com/

The performance will feature a gentle spray of various scents throughout the show with intent to take the audience on an inner journey as the music is performed.

Chloë Rain on the significance of the winter solstice: https://exploredeeply.com/live-your-purpose/winter-solstice-spiritual-meaning